The Netram Foundation

The Netram Foundation is an initiative by young, dynamic professionals who feel equally strongly for their family, friends, work and social responsibility. The idea first surfaced when we realized that there is light beyond “popular social causes” that must be taken up if a difference is to be made to the society; that there are social issues that are still untouched in India but which are no less important than any other social issue.

We heard our calling when we realized that eye donation is the least popular of all social causes. The realization led us to apply our brains to device a method that could help restore vision for an enormous 4.6 billion Indians who are devoid of vision due to corneal diseases. More than 20,000 are joining the list every year. It’s not as if nobody is working in this domain, just that nobody has yet revolutionized it. We Will.

The idea is to take people beyond the idea of ‘pledging to donate eyes and considering the job done’. While that seems to be the ulterior motive, it leaves a lot unanswered, and of course, does little to enhance the 60% availability of cornea that can actually be successfully used for transplant (Source: Eye Bank Association of India). The way we see it, within a span of five years, India will be free of blindness due to corneal diseases. Explore the site further to know how.


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